Monday, March 23, 2009

Too Much Light

The New Office

Settled into the new office today. Unfortunately for a small room there are three large fluorescent lights in the ceiling. The upper walls are whitish and the room is filled with reflected light - which would be great if I wasn't so durned light sensitive.

I'm gonna look around out in the garage and see if I can find some incandescent lighting I can set up and turn the ceiling lights off. If I can't find any, I'm getting the ladder out at work and removing bulbs, or else I am going to have to get those wooden eye things with slits like the native Americans used 100 years ago near the arctic circle for snow blindness. Sunglasses were no help because the light is above and behind me. Aaargh!!! However, the desk is very comfortable and since I had them add a keyboard tray just the right height for short old me. Despite the snow like glare the quiet and warmth of the room was quite delightful.

My boss is going to search through his large collection of photograhs and print out some wall art for me. He has been a serious amateur photographer for years and has some wonderful photos. He has moved to digital photography pretty well completely but he has some high-priced equipment that has such high pixel counts you can't tell it from film photographs. He also has a photographer's eye for framing a photograph and the technical expertise to bring it off, so I am sure I will be pleased with anything he prints out.

A mild day headache-wise for most of the day. This evening it started to lump lump lump up a few notches, I think because I stopped to buy pet food on the way home. Somehow my two dogs (one large one small), my cat, and the two parakeets all ran out of food at the same time.....must be the moon sign.

I had better luck getting the headache diary to transmit. Yeah! I have to position it juuuust so next to the telephone receiver for it to work. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. I also completed the diary before 8:00 pm - my goal is to do it between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm.

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