Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Why don't things Work Out??

Yesterday found out from my PCP that I probably started an inflammatory response in my spine from my fall.  He was aggravated that the ER docs just treated the pain and NOT the inflammation which my PCP says can cause some real damage.  Pooh!  Just what I needed more bummy sucky not what I wanted to hear news!!! My best laid plans are fully of kitty laughs at how poorly they have performed.

He gave me a bit shot of prednisone and a script for a three day "burst" of prednisone to drop the inflammation and hopefully stop the new onset incontinence and the new onset numbness.  Downside is that he said as the inflammation drops I will start to feel "new" pain.  OUCH!  And he was right!  DRAT!

My PCP also gave me enough meds to make sure I didn't keep moving yestersday.  I had 15 minutes to get home and then ZONK I was out like a light.  No time to call work, write work, or do much except sleep.  Sometime in my snoozathon I moved from the sunroom couch to the living room couch.  I finally stumbled to bed around 11 PM.  Sigh.

Got back to work today at around noon.  The pain in my teeth came alive - this is now day 2 of prednisone, one day left.  Everything hurts but it could be worse, better than broken bones by a long shot! Lots to do and not much time to do it in, so maybe I will be up to working this weekend.  If I do I may need to rescind one of the days off I took for the fall.  Big Sigh.

Am fearing I may have to have a new set of choppers in order to set my teeth to rights - not sure if they will be able to be saved - the pain is deep set into my spongy bone around my teeth - they feel like they are knocked loose - and with more pieces falling off every hour or so, am afraid the roots might be dead. I lost big chunks of tooth today, so hoping I have some teeth left by the time I see the dentist at 12:30 on Friday Ptoooey!