Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad Headache Day #19 2009

Sleeping it off

Spent most of the day with my friends Benedryl and Phenergan. The Headache was especially bad this morning, and I didn't know if the B & P combination was going to get the job done, but I did manage to knock myself out. The nausea was especially bad, as I had woken up with The Headache in full bloom.

I hope that tomorrow will bring better things. Today has been a bust. I have managed to escape going to the ER or Urgent Care, which is an improvement. My hair even hurts tonight and the skin on my scalp is very painful.

No word yet from the Cleveland Clinic to see if I have passed my psych test. By now I'm getting psyched out that I may have inexplicitly failed it. I'm anxious to get this show on the road and start the process of getting a stimulator implanted. Very tired tonight in spite of sleeping most of the day away.

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