Sunday, March 1, 2009

Headache Hammers

Jackhammers of DOOM

I don't know if a change is coming in the weather, or I was just a little too active this evening. The Headache started getting more insistent about 7:00 PM. It's one of those nights where it lurches and reaches a level then lurches again. I think I have the jackhammers of doom pounding at my head!

I'm gonna reup my indomethacin to another 50 mg and if that doesn't do it another 50 in a couple of hours, back to the 200 mg per day. I was hoping to be able to decrease this as The Belly isn't happy at all. I guess I will quit eating instead of quit taking the indomethacin - it hurts a lot less!

A strange happening - my blog posting date and time has been stuck this last week. I just noticed (I will blame my laxity on the Jackhammers of DOOM run by OompaLoompas) and have had to go back and guestimate time and date. I wonder what could have done that???

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