Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm So Dizzy

My Head is Spinning and I have Jimmy Legs

Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy this evening. Nausea and dizziness are keeping me up tonight. Not sure if it's The Belly acting up, or The Headache being tricky, or the medication for The Legs. I've taken anti nausea medication today and it's not working, so I may have to try a different one tomorrow.

I am guessing it is a go for my appointment next week with Cleveland Clinic. I left voice mail with the study coordinator to see if my psychiatric test had been scored and evaluated by the study committee yet. I received no voice mail today, so either there is no news or the coordinator didn't come into work.

I worked a partial day today, and it was very productive. My poor bosses - wages and benefits are two major expenses for their company, and last year insurance rates increased 28% and this year the rates increased 18%. I believe in my state, an insurance commission sets the maximum percentage they can charge on an increase. I don't think my bosses get that chance to say to our clients - we are going to raise your rates by almost 50% in two years because the state says we can. I hope they don't discontinue the insurance we have because for me that would be a major undertaking to change all my doctors. I have no control over this, I worry because I may have to make an employment decision over benefits. I used to work for the hospital system that I utilize now, and I suppose I could try to work for them again, but I love my current job - hope there is no reason for me to try to move jobs at this time. I truly enjoy my work and believe in the company and what we do, and I really like all the people I work with. Haven't always been able to say that in larger firms.

I've had the "jimmy legs" all day. Probably means I am having more pain than I am realizing. Sometimes it makes it impossible to keep the legs still. I've sat with my heating pads on this evening, but I still feel cold even tho the house temperature is 81 degrees farenheit - plenty warm!

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