Monday, March 9, 2009

Clean Up Day at Work

My Sweet Patootie Augie

Had a long day at work - for me!!! Didn't get a lot of work done because it was "clean up day" but many of my doodads got repurposed by some folks at work, so I have less to dust and some coworker's grandkids and charities now have the benefit of my collections. I love to repurpose!

Tomorrow we will have VIP visitors so I will dress up from business casual to business. I may have to go over our project management protocols with our new partners. There is an extensive agenda, but we are a free-wheeling bunch of galoots so I'm not sure where or when I will be needed...unlike my last job, where you had your agenda timed out to the minute, and the conference rooms were booked for every working hour. The freedom of being released from meeting hell was one of the main draws of this position, and after working here there were even more positives to add to the list!!

The Headache is being good this evening, but The Belly is not my friend. I fed it something this evening and it was just a little too much.

My puppy Augie was being a cutey this evening. He's been a blessing to me this last few years, and he was on his best behavior tonight because I gave him a taste of supper. Definitely my sweet patootie!

Thinking of old friends this evening. Kinda nostalgic - not that way very often, I tend not to ponder over the past. We're all getting old, me quicker that the rest if you can go by hair color!

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