Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Headache Day #23 2009

I Am Now Officially Fifty Years Old

Bad day today (I guess by now that is yesterday). I was able to stick out about five hours of work, and make it home but despite best efforts The Headache is winning this evening. I knew it was not a good thing this morning because my left eye was tearing and the left side of my nose was running (where it was running to I don't really know - it can't go far without the right side of my nose).

I am trying to stick it out - have an important meeting at 10:00 this morning. Can't sedate too much or I won't make it. It's past midnight and the thunder is sounding ominous. Since I live in Tornado Alley this is another reason to be awake besides The Headache.

Had to run to my primary care physician's office today. Apparently the stimulator study sponsor needs verification that my Type II diabetes is under control, or I'm out of the study. The study coordinator at Cleveland Clinic called them, and I needed to sign a release of information form so they could fax them a letter stating that this is well-controlled. My fasting blood sugar (with diet and medication) is generally a 94 - which is normal. My PCP and his staff are fantastic, always willing to help. Of course my medical record there is about three inches thick because I'm broken, and OF COURSE don't have an extended warranty for replacement parts.

My boss gave me two beautifully framed photos for my office space yesterday. They are lovely. One is of a large waterfall in Oregon I believe, and the other is of Glacier National Park. He has a natural eye for composition and great photographic skills. I have hung them already, and that has enhanced the office space considerably. I brought a lamp so I can turn off the overhead fluorescents but brought the wrong bulbs - it takes chandelier bulbs. Sigh. Should be a nice soft light though.

I gave up and filed some short term disability paperwork today. Incomewise I am making what I did in 1987 because I just can't work the hours. Per hour my pay is great, but I have to work enough hours! My bosses are wonderful, have kept me a full benefits so far, and have had such patience waiting on The Headache to be cured. I asked them that for the upcoming install give me a couple of day's notice before I need to travel (the site is only a few hours away) so I can try to get a shot of torradol to tide me over onsite. I don't think I will be buzzing away with an occipital stimulator before I will have to be doing site surveys, etc...

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