Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sledgehammers Keep Rappin' at my Head

No Bad Headache Days for Awhile

I haven't had a devastating day in the last couple of weeks. Not sure if something is wrong with me or right with me! Tonight the sledgehammers are striking out the Anvil Chorus on my head, but it is in the bearable level so far.

Dim (thunk) Dim (thunk) Dim de (thunk) de (thunk) de dum de dooooora (thunk) -

I think this dude is the one doing the head thumpin'. He's been knocking on my noggin for a few hours today and I have kept him at a distance so far, but I think he's gone up to a heavier maul. The VIP's have come and gone from work, and with my brain on vibrate I'm glad that I didn't end up having to explain our project management process today. As I suspected, other segments ran long and my performance was not needed. I coordinated some other problems for a couple of clients so I felt useful anyway. I stuck out the whole day even with the headache working on me, but I have a programming project I have been wanting to tackle the last two days, and The Headache is not cooperating.

One of my coworkers is going to tackle a small conversion problem tomorrow and I want to be there to support - I had written all the needed formulas in Excel and hopefully wrote some coherent instructions to parse the data into the new table columns, but it was months ago and the haze of The Headache is between my surely brilliant spreadsheet composition and now!

The Headache is making my thinking fuzzy lately - I wish it would stop that. My thunker has thunked all it can thunk and needs a break.


  1. Here's hoping The Headache starts to cooperate McSoon.

    My doc, my therapist and my occupational therapist are all in agreement - they don't think I'm ready for full time work yet. Why? Because the more hours I put in, the more often I have echoes of Teh Headache that wore me down for three years. I say echoes because the pain isn't as severe as it was back then, but it's definitely there.

    Blech. I sooooo know where you're coming from.

  2. I'm McReady for The Headache to McScram!!

    Sorry you are still getting the shadows of The Headache that was. I think pain pathways get worn into your nervous system and just won't let go like a river following an old riverbed at flood stage!