Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 4 of Headache Diary

Reminder: Don't transmit right at 8:00

Last night I had a little trouble transmitting. The receiving number was plaintively calling, calling, calling - like an old man clearing his throat - chluuuh chluuuuh chluuuh chluuuh. On the fourth try I got the diary to respond - chirping its message over the phone lines. Very frustrating - I suppose they are trying to hit a norm on non-technological people, but it seems a little touchy to me. I would prefer just a regular modem connection if that is all they can do.

The palm pilot kept trying to issue an alarm at 8 PM even though I had filled out the diary and saved it for the day. I filled it out again and saved it - hoping that their protocol is to save over and over the same day's data or else I just transmitted 2 days when I should have done one. I guess they will sort it out at the other end. I won't try transmitting at that time of day any more.

The Headache has been bad yesterday and today. I know that traipsing around galvanting across airports has aggravated it. The Belly was in revolt yesterday also. I had received a voice mail while I was gone asking me to reschedule my appointment at the Cleveland Clinic earlier in the day because of an appointment conflict. I have no idea if it was for last week's appointment for which it was too late or for next month's. I will leave a voice mail Monday.

My head is like a champagne cork ready to pop off the bottle today. Sigh.

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