Sunday, March 8, 2009

Post Radiation Neuralgia

Pelvic Pain

I should have know yesterday was too good to last. The Headache is normal intensity today, and The Belly is feeling pretty good because it doesn't have to grind on food at the moment, but the nerves in my saddle region are on fire. I actually woke up from deep sleep whimpering and curled in a ball from the pain.

This pain is almost impossible to describe because it is inside riding right along the pelvic arch. I think it is acting up because the doctor was punching around on me the other day. The pain is mostly a background issue for me, but once in a while it flares up into pure lava flow agony. I am taking maximum trammadol today, and it's making a minimal dent. If it keeps up I may have to go get some muscle relaxers - that generally stops the leg issues.

I have found I can't stand for long since the radiation therapy five years ago, and I probably shouldn't have pranced around Wal-Mart with my shopping cart full of heavy items, and then gone home and cleaned. I did manage to finish my mopping this morning, but it isn't as complete as I wanted.

I am sure my two 13 hour driving days to Cleveland last month didn't help me with this issue, but travelling by plane is such a problem for me because of the security lines. Driving isn't too great, but I can take breaks when I need to and I use the cruise control as much as possible.

I'm just going to go lay down and curl into a ball - that removes the tension on my sciatic nerves. The physical therapist I had a few years ago said that she felt from her evaluation that I have scarring of the dura layer of my lower spine tethering the nerve roots in the sacral area from the radiation. Just one more broken bit because my warranty expired at 40, and I don't have an extended package.

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