Monday, March 30, 2009

Ouch! Doh!!!

My Head Hurts

I know I whine about it a lot. I know it dominates my every day. But my head hurts - a lot. Last night - don't know if it was just because it was the third day after a bad day, or because I did housework - The Headache started to ratchet up.

When I say ratchet I mean like "CRANK" up goes the pain, wait a moment, "CRANK" up goes the pain, wait a moment, "CRANK" up goes the pain. In the matter of minutes (its like going 0=120 mph in a race car) The Headache gets up to speed and won't slow down. I was able to medicate with Benedryl and Phenergan and it has stopped at about a high eight on my personal pain scale. I can function up to a nine, but that's not far to go. My pain scale is like the Richter scale - the higher the number the more exponentially severe the pain is - sorta like redoubling on every level.

Cluster headache sufferers talk about the Kip Pain scale, which is similar. I'm not suicidal but when I am at a 10, I almost go into shock the pain is so bad. I start shaking, my arms and legs go whacky, and my body temp drops for hours. I don't make sense, and can barely talk. My extremities are like ice for a day or two. I wonder if everyone else with this type of pain has the same problem feeling cold. Of course maybe the simple explanation is that when I am at a 10, I end up in the ER with an cold bag of IV liquids being pumped into me.

Today we haave a meeting this afternoon at work. I will leave in a little bit so I can go, and I have another meeting tomorrwo at 10:00 am. I hope to hold at this 8 level for today and tomorrow. It may be too much to hope for, since I am not staying home today with my head wrapped in ice.

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