Monday, March 2, 2009

Eight Hours

At Last a GREAT DAY!!!

I was able to work a full eight hours today. Yeah!!! Woo Hoo!!! At last, it's been a few weeks! And it was a great productive day - plenty to keep busy with, just the kind of day I like. Also got to sit in on a class on Flex that one of the guys at work was giving. He was a very good teacher, and since I'm way way out of date using these types of tools (I developed some apps at my last two jobs with similar tools but not XML but that was SIX YEARS AGO an ice age when working with programming) I found it very interesting. We are having another session tomorrow morning, and I am hoping/praying that The Headache and The Belly behave tonight, as I really want to attend.

I rewrote some documentation that I thought I had written a couple of weeks ago. I was testing it last Friday but alas, we had made a wrong assumption and one of the reasons I love where I work: I met with my boss in charge of that product this morning, we discussed, we popped out a few possibilities, I checked with the customer, my boss changes and compiles and BANG we have it all fixed in just a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it meant a rewrite of the documentation but that's minor compared to the speed we got things done. That's the beauty of working for a small nimble company. I should finish the documentation by tomorrow noon.

The Headache is making itself known tonight and I have been ordered to put The Belly on the soft white squishy food diet - cream of rice and mashed yukon golds extremely low fat etc etc etc. Sigh, but at least The Belly got fed tonight. It's complaining and hurting, but better than last week. I'm afraid I may have to placate The Belly with some pain medication before I go to bed.

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