Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bad Headache Day #20 2009

Tussling with the Toilet

Ah, the blessings of unrelieved nausea along with a bad headache...despite taking anti-nausea medication The Headache coerced The Belly and they led a revolt today. I spent a time this evening toasting the toilet with The Belly's blessings and The Headache's handiwork. Projectile vomiting is my speciality when The Headache gets to a certain place. EwwwwYuck!

The Headache got pretty ouchy but nothing I couldn't handle this time. I did pack my head and neck in ice and ended up napping on a ice pack which did help. At least this time the pain only escalated so far and stopped. In the past I have been caught at this juncture and the pain would continue to escalate with no end in sight. I can't tell if the intensity of The Headache is less, or I have just grown more enured to the pain.

The picture of a toilet is one I wish I had - my bathroom is overdue for a major remodel - it is a PINK bathroom, with a PINK toilet and PINK sink and PINK bathtub and PINK tiles and I don't like PINK!! I tried to tone it down using a complementary color (green) but it just seemed to make the PINK more PINK in appearance. Maybe just walking into the pinkness that is my bathroom could be causing the nausea!

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