Thursday, March 5, 2009

Four O Clock in the Morning

No Sleep Tonight...

Perhaps I overdid the tea today. Despite the medication I have taken I have not been able to sleep tonight. Not one wink. I generally nap all evening also pretending to watch TV, nada - nothing. The Headache is everpresent but is just gradually increasing instead of exponentially increasing, at least I think so. I'm not sure how much I trust my ability to judge The Headache at this point.

Caffeine is a happy thing for me. I don't intake a lot of it, so when I do binge like I did today I get all happy and zoommy - zoom around - whip whip whip get things done! Actually how much caffeine I drank today is debatable. I had about 5 cups of white and green tea, where I usually one have one or two cups if any. It could have been the precursor for tonight...I wonder if bad weather is coming my way??

I had some loose leaf green tea, loose leaf jasmine green tea which has jasmine blossoms in it, a Japanese green tea called ban cha, a jasmine white tea, and a green and white tea mix. I don't brew these strong, so I know that I had a lot less caffeine than someone who drank 5 cups of coffee! One of my favorite black teas is Lapsang Souchong which has a strong smokey flavor to it, but I'm out of it. The ban cha has a light smokey flavor to it which reminds me of it.

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