Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heading Down the Headache Highway

Bumpy Road Ahead!

The Headache is worse tonight, has been bumping along since late afternoon. It's 10 PM and I'm not sure how much sleep I will have tonight. I've been drinking white tea all day, the mild caffeine buzz has made me so happy, happy, happy, quick quick quick, but hasn't helped The Headache at all.

For years I could stoke up on the caffeine and delay a migraine for several days. I never could stop the migraine, but I could almost always push it from say 10:am in the morning to 8:oo pm in the evening, and sometimes from a Wednesday where I would miss work to a Saturday. Naproxen and caffeine - worked as well as any prescription medication I was given. So at least once a month I try to caffeine myself up with this durn hemicrania continua, and it does nothing for the headache. Not sure why I keep trying, but when The Headache starts lumpin' along making its presence felt I think I just hope it is the old migraine problem coming back.

Had fun at work today, actually felt marginally useful until mid-afternoon when The Headace upped the ante. I got absorbed in a project and forgot to take my indomethacin directly at noon. I think that riled it a little bit more. I had a great long phone conversation with my sister tonight which distracted me a great deal, but the thinker switch is set to OFF so I hope I made sense.

My left eye has been poking me with the icepick of pain, which has now turned into the throbbing temple of doom. Sounds like an Indiana Jones movie!! I've had a pretty good week so far, and I want it to continue and for The Headache to back down. Maybe I'll take some good old Benedryl and phenergan to see if The Headache will disappear during the night.

I have some more pancreatic enzymes sitting at the pharmacy waiting to be picked up to help with The Belly. I have a great GI doc that evens calls you personally in the evening if you are having issues. His staff is great too.

I have a cancer checkup on Friday. Hoping for the same great results I have had in the past. This is my fifth year post cancer (Endometrial cancer, Stage IC grade 2)...half way to where I can say I'm cured. Aflac will actually let me purchase cancer insurance after 5 years because they consider that cancer free. Yeah!!! I will only have to have one appointment a year instead of one every six months after August. It's nerve wracking: last year the radiology oncology nurse told me I was one of the few patients she had that had gone so many years without a recurrance. My cancer had invaded the lymphatic and blood vessel space so I was a fairly high risk for distant spread. None seen so far! Great surgeon, great radiation team.

Until I was 40 I did pretty good healthwise. I only saw a doctor a couple of times a year - maybe for a sore throat or an annual checkup. That's when my warranty expired - 40. Heading to the big 50 this year - hoping for a better 10 years healthwise than the last. I would like to quit thinking about it. Quit having appointment after appointment. Quit having to go to ER departments. Quit having to go to urgent care facilities. Be normal for a while....

I think I'm just whiney this evening because of The Headache. Going on a self-pity binge. Gotta head it off at the pass!!!! I only allow myself two days of self pity a year and I don't want to waste a day of good pity party time so early in the first quarter!!!

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