Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Computer Has Bugs

The untimely winter weather yesterday and last night has driven the local ants into my sunroom (which is a built in porch really). They seemed to like the warmth of my computer, so now I have borax scattered everywhere in order to dissuade them from their toasty new digs.

The Headache didn't like the storm coming in Friday, but yesterday and today have been pretty good. I didn't do much of anything yesterday on purpose, so I could clean some of the house today. Sweeping floors, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms....maybe even vacuuming and dusting and polishing!!! I also shook out throw rugs. Such a beautiful day after two unseasonally cold days.

I wish that I had more energy. I need to work on gardens and get ready for spring flowers. The promise of the occipital stimulator seems distant and far away this week. Times like this when I normally could go out a do what I want physically make me feel deprived. I know there are people out there struggling with much worse ailments - my brother-in-law who is in year two of recovery from a massive stroke is one of them - but I'm inpatient to get my life back on track.

Work has an install coming up, and that can be quite challenging when I am feeling well. I'm just going to have to suck it up and medicate the best I can. Last summer when I traveled for a week was agony - but I also drank a glass of white wine (as a spritzer) when we went with the client out for a nice meal. I was actually miserable the night before - so not sure if the wine was at fault or I was just on the downside of my headache cycle. The night I got back, I ended up at the ER again. I hope that I can avoid that - the ER copay makes it an expensive foray for me to go onsite.

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