Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Thing of Beauty

Parrothead's Unite!

My niece sent me a wonderful birthday present. We have a tradition of sending from time to time "ugly gifts" just to make us laugh. The gift needs to be silly and/or ugly and cheap. The gift needs to be something you would never ever want in your own home. Sometimes the ugly gifts mysteriously show up via the postal service at someone else's house just to spread the joy by regifting. This year I have been graced with a parrothead pot or vase. The hunt by the giver is made joyous upon finding the perfect ugly gift! Once in a great while the recipient becomes very attached to a gift and it never finds a new home. This one may be it for me.

The parrot looks a little bit like it has a headache too! Maybe I'll plant some "lucky bamboo" in its head so it can sprout a topknot. The possibilities are endless.

Today The Headache and The Belly are behaving. Maybe it's the parrot mojo working. I was able to work a few hours and actually get some things done. Hoping for a great tomorrow also!! The overhead lights at work didn't bother me so much today, so I guess it was The Headache creating the light sensitivity the other day.

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