Thursday, July 16, 2009


Crank Up the Amps

The Headache is having fun this week. Third bad day in a row, but at least I was able to work five hours. A mini triumph. If I could peck on the stimulator and give it a good shake I would. Is it working or is it not??? Maybe I will just turn up the controller and see what breaks first - me or The Headache.

My temper is simmering on high as is my blood pressure. I think if I did not have the electrical gadget in my head I might have ended up in the ER. I may yet. Grumpy is me, me am Grumpy. Nauseous is me, me am nauseous. Ouchy is me, me am ouchy. What games The Headache plays with my mind and my belly and my brain. I'm tired of playing, so I will take some meds and go to sleep again. I will try try try again tomorrow.

I work in the IT industry and work at sites all over the US remotely, and they decided a few weeks ago at work to start changing internal IP addresses for different VPN's one site at a time. They didn't come up with an elegant network solution for this, so all day long I was going into network properties and changing my IP address to the correct network IP for the VPN. The very first sites they chose are the newest site just now getting built, and one of our sites that requires the most work. I needed a scorecard because by the end of the day I don't which one I ended up in. Maybe that's why I'm Grumpy!

I did tell the big guy (my boss) that changing the IP is just not cutting it. There are ways around it, our network guys are brilliant - just too busy to fix it right. I think they need to juggle this all day without the tools they use, just like the rest of us. See I really am Grumpy! I generally am not gripey about work.


  1. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it this week. I hope you're able to avoid the ER.

  2. I hope so too, not sure if it is the weather or just have increased my activities toooooo much or occipital stimulator goodness has a limit. Not a good omen - have taken my meds and a slight dulling of pain and wide awake when I should be in snooze land. I'm afraid it will be a long night.

    Hoping you have a great night with no headache, since you are up pretty late yourself!