Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Head Hurts

Too Much Too Soon?

Went to work, did another nine hour day. However, today started out badly with The Headache in its usual every three to four day flare up. I fiddled with my stimulator settings hoping to forestall The Headache for as long as possible.

The Headache was having none of it, and kept creeping along insidiously increasing pain bit by bit. By late afternoon I knew that despite my stimulator's help (or no help??) The Headache was interfering not only with my well being but with my thought processes. I should have just hung up my hat at noon and gone home, although I did solve a few problems and finally found my comma that was causing the program I was recoding to err. Normally that was a few minutes process but today it took a few hours.

I'm trying an ice pack tonight. Sometimes ice helps, sometimes heat helps, sometimes nothing helps. I've also taken some benedryl (I don't think the vistaril is making the grade), phenergan, and in desperation a trammadol tablet - hoping to at least put myself to sleep. Unfortunately its been an hour and my head is cold but still hurts and I'm not feeling sleepy at all.

Maybe part of my problem is I came home and there was an envelope from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I could tell there was a check in it. Normally, checks in the mail are a woo hoo moment, but not when you're messing with Inaccurate Anthem. They paid their share of my surgery at Cleveland Clinic as out of network. Every bill from Cleveland has paid in-network until this one. Cleveland had even gotten Anthem's share pre-certed. According to the EOB, I could be responsible for another $900 because they paid it out of network. Tomorrow I will try to get this straightened out. The last time they screwed up like this it took over nine months, and me literally staying on the phone for four hours until I forced a supervisor to speak to me. The poor customer service rep was stuck making small talk until her boss would deign to speak to me. I had two approved appeals that for whatever reason had never been processed, and was being taken to court because they had not paid what the appeal said they would. I should have never had to appeal, they processed the claims incorrectly according to some made up fee schedule. What a mess! They definitely are too big for their britches as my dad would say.

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