Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

Another Pleasant Walk

Took some photo's during my Sunday walk. However, I am pretty well medicated today - taking no chances that Monday will be like Friday and Saturday - so I didn't walk very far or long. I'm a bit like a weeble that wobbles and won't fall down when I really crank up the meds.

I helped a little with the remainder of the canning today, but not much. I'm pretty worthless for anything today.

My mind isn't working too well either. Trying to remember the name of the hibiscus plants I have around my back porch I came up with hippopotamus plants - nope. Marsupial plants...nope again. Manicotti, hyperbole, missionary, humongous were all tried and discarded. I eventually had to give up and phone a friend, just like on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. When my brain is on overload sometimes words just slip off its rounded exterior like water off a teflon skillet.

Here are some pictures I cobbled up today:

My Dog Augie

My Brother's Dog Beans

Hibiscus Bloom

My back porch where I plan to go and sip a cup of white tea in a minute..

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