Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another Lost Day In Lost City

Sleeping Away the Hours

Tried doing some walking around today. Not sure if too soon after the operation, or if The Headache is just messing with me. I had pain, but not pain - hard to describe. It was as if The Headache was trying to rear its ugly head but couldn't quite make it happen. Same physical symptoms (I have one eye that swells and tears for example), even some of The Headache coming through, but not the same. I fiddled with my occipital stimulator settings, no way to know if it really did any good! I had to medicate and the next thing I know it's seven o'clock in the evening!

Still hiving, but much less now that I have replaced 100% of the surgical tape. Some bruising now starting to come through, and I can actually feel the wire under my skin in my back - not painful just weird.

I'm feeling exhausted, probably due to the amount of Benedryl I have been taking. I'm trying to cut back on Benedryl today, but the hives get rowdy if I wait too long for the next dose. Will probably put myself to sleep soon if I don't feel like watching all the fireworks on the horizon.

Hope everyone out there has had a great 4th of July, even if it's not a holiday for them!

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