Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Head is Throbbing

The Drum Beat of Pain

Read on the internet that swearing distracts you from pain. Perhaps I need to swear lots more. I don't know a great variety of swear words, so I would either have to swear in very short spurts or use the Fred Flinstone "RigginRackinbickinRackerbok" style. I don't know if either of these would be very effective, I think it has to be genuinely spontaneous to help. Maybe I should practice in front of a mirror, like before giving a big speech. My head feels like a ripe watermelon that has been thumped one too many times.

It's four AM and I've not been to sleep yet. Felt better Saturday morning, so went to the Farmer's Market and bought a bushel of green beans to can. We snapped beans for about three hours, and so far have canned 21 quarts, with possibly another 21 quarts to go tomorrow! My mom, the canning expert, helped me with these. In fact she's the mastermind of canning strategy, marshalling supplies, and arranging canning equipment around for proper usage. I'm glad she is here to help!

I also went grocery shopping, and stopped by my sister's house for a short chat. I'm afraid that my head was not in good shape by the time I went grocery shopping, and it definitely has gotten worse. I've medicated and remedicated this evening, and right now have completely turned off the stimulator on the chance perhaps it's interfering someway. The Headache seems to be a bit worse with it off, but is it just my imagination? I will turn it back on before I try to sleep again.


  1. Haha, I love that top picture. Look how happy Mr. Migraine looks, pounding away at your head. It's such a great depiction of how Migraines make us feel.

    I do feel somewhat better when I yell - doesn't have to be expletives. And my hubby's gotten to the point that he knows my raised voice has zero to do with him, and it's a way for me to cope.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Thanks Jasmine - I am better today because I am medicated as much as I can possibly be at home, and the pounding stopped at about 5:00 AM, so I got about an hour's sleep. When the pain gets too bad almost nothing will let me sleep. sigh.

    For me The Headache is always Mr. Happy when its beating my brains to a mush!!

    I'm practicing my inner Amazon yell technique to see if it helps...maybe a Tarzan type yodel??