Friday, July 17, 2009

Seeing Dr. Dunce

Once More into The Fray

Had an appointment today back with my gynecologist about the pelvic pain. The gynecological oncologist, who in all his wisdom told me I absolutely could not have the problems I am having from the radiation therapy, wimped out when it came to actually telling me that yes, your problems are due to radiation therapy and referred me back to my gynecologist. This has been a four month journey in frustration that still has no resolution.

Dr. Dunce #1 sent me to Dr. Dunce #2 because Dr. Dunce #3 gave me too much radiation. Dr. Dunce #2, after stating that I could not be having problems from radiation because he Dr. Dunce #2 would never ever prescribe radiation therapy if it gave you so much touble, ordered lots of tests and then sent me to nice colorectal surgeon and nice urologist. They ordered lots of tests, and then told me my problems are due to late effects of radiation therapy. Dr. Dunce #2, who never ever told me the results of the tests he ordered (probably because the result was that I had problems from radiation therapy) referred me back to Dr. Dunce #1.

Dr. Dunce #1 says I'm a gynecologist, I don't know what to do for radiation damage. I said that Dr. Dunce #2 sent me back to you. He said "why would he do that?" I said "My question exactly, I don't have any pieces or parts that pertain to you any more." He says, Dr. Dunce #2 has experience treating these types of radiation treatment problems not me. I say "Dr. Dunce #2 doesn't want to admit that it is radiation damage, but everyone else says it is - so what do I do now? I have pelvic pain, weakness, inability to stand for long periods or walk for long periods, I have urinary and fecal incontinence. I am having to take medication daily for the pain. Who do I go see?" Dr. Dunce #1 says "See the local pain management folks" I say "They say they can't treat it unless they can inject it. There's nothing to inject" Dr. Dunce #1 says, "Maybe a spinal cord stimulator would work" I say nice urologist and nice colorectal surgeon both said radiation damage doesn't do well with stimulators because you already have leaky wiring...and I already have one in my HEAD." Dr. Dunce #1 then says "I guess you need to go to a tertiary center like Wash U in St. Louis to see what they can do. Call over there and see what they say. Maybe they are doing a study or something. These types of problems are progressive, and don't get better". No duh. Dr. Dunce #1 didn't offer a referral or department to call or anything.

No one mentions Dr. Dunce #3, who overdosed me with radiation. I guess its up to me to find my solution, just like I had to find someone somewhere who installed occipital stimulators. I'm calling Dr. Dunce #3, who I have an appoinment with in August, to see what they recommend. I expect I will be told once more, radiation therapy can't be causing these problems. Sheesh! I feel like I'm in that Abbott and Costello routine about baseball, always ending back where I began.

Who's on first? I don't know! Third Base!

On the good side, The Headache is much much better today. Hoping for a productive weekend. I have plans to go to the local tomato broker and buy some canning tomatos to supplement our crop. Then I will have fun processing and canning them!


  1. Speechless here. Just speechless.


  2. And they wonder what's wrong with the American healthcare system....The problem is that there isn't a system, there is just a lot of avoidance!

    You have to laugh because at this point we are at the ridiculous! ...sigh...

    Hoping you never have to deal with 3 dunces at once....