Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Far So Good

Another Day in Headache Land

I think The Headache is trying to foil my plans this week. Despite changes to stimulator settings, and much ice on the noggin (I even took my ice bag with me to work today) I would just call today a semi success. Yes, I managed to work 8 hours today, but just barely. By the end of the day I turned off the lights in my office and was having a hard time concentrating on anything.

We had a meeting on some QA testing I had been doing, and that went well - at least I think I was coherent! The kids that have been working on the new product have been doing a fantastic job. A definite drawback is that healthcare is a funny industry, and there is no where you can really get the business background other than working in healthcare, so they had a few misses but mostly they were hitting the balls out of the ballpark. Their product looks great, is fast, and just a tad bit too mouse driven for me, but probably great for the majority of users. I got some keyboard tips from them so I can try the screens with keyboard shortcuts to see if I can get faster yet.

Called Anthem about the non-network payment. At first the rep suggested I get Cleveland Clinic to resubmit the bill. I suggested they check their own paperwork, since all other claims paid as in network. The rep then tried to say they used the wrong NPI number. I suggested again that someone at their location had processed the claim incorrectly. The rep then said hang onto the check, we will want our money back, I'll give this to an adjuster. The last time I had that happen was not good. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY at Anthem did what they were supposed to do until I raised the roof. I realize they are constantly reorganizing and revamping things, but hopefully not at the expense of doing daily business accurately and completely. I've worked in the industry so I have some notion of what goes round and round on their carousel of claims. I don't know how consumers ever know that something was done incorrectly when you have to fight to get an answer for anything.

I'm pretty tired this evening. Haven't taken any medication yet, as The Belly decided to start throwing a fit today because I fed it some fast food. I know better, but The Headache was making me feel pretty lousy and I didn't feel like packing a lunch. That's what I get for being lazy! I have jumpy legs this evening which tells me I'm probably in more pain even than I realize.

Tomorrow is Friday, and if I can get eight hours of work in it I will have more than met my goal for the week. Going to put my brain to rest, and medicate The Headache and The Belly. No more fast food for a while! I have set a second goal for myself: canning some green tomato pickles this weekend. I hope I have the brain power!

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