Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goals I Haz Dem 2

Fantastic Week Up to Now

Not only have I met my work goals so far, I have exceeded them! I was able to put in a 10 hour day yesterday and a 9 hour day today. Not up to my preheadache standards, but an improvement over the last six months. I don't know if I will do 10 hours straight again this week. Last night The Headache let me know it was displeased with me, and I had to medicate early on - ruining my weekly Antiques Roadshow watching experience. The only television show I look forward to watching and I was too medicated to concentrate.

We are such dedicated Antiques Roadshow watchers at my house that we watch shows that we have seen three or four times just as if they were brand new. I'm not sure what our fascination is with this show. The entire family watches it - no matter where we live it is on our schedules. Everything stops when the Antiques Roadshow is on! My little dachshund even knows the theme music for it, and will get out certain squeaky toys when it is on that he uses only for Antiques Roadshow time. I think he does it because it is hard to get my attention when I am enthralled by the parade of unusual possessions and appraisals.

I am feeling better than I have in months and months and months, even having to medicate quite a bit last night was better than having to medicate like that all the time. Could it be the occipital stimulator implant? Well, it is three weeks post surgery and I have improved my activity levels a lot in the last three weeks. Since it is a blind study I will leave you to speculate - is my stimulator actually working, or am I suffering from a placebo effect?

I definitely am still experiencing pain, and in the same pattern with still some extreme pain levels. Medication wise I have decreased amounts about 50%, activity wise I have increased about 35%. That's really the first improvement I have had on both fronts since The Headache started in 2007.

Hoping to reach the rest of my goals this week, and keep The Headache at bay. WooHoo!!! I'm back in the saddle again! Yippee Ti Yi Yo!!!

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