Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Quiet Lovely Sunday

Making Goals For Next Week

Went to the farmer's market this weekend, got some corn and green beans and what we call cobblestone potatoes (the tiny potatoes that you find when you dig up potatoes for harvest). My brother took my Mom tomato shopping, and they got busy canning tomatoes, something I didn't have to get involved with this year. Mom did pretty great teaching my brother how to can tomatoes and make tomato juice. She's still pretty spry for 78 years old!

Cooked my green beans with bacon, new potatoes, and onion. That will be a meal or two for me. I can't eat the bacon, but the flavor will be in the beans. Home made goodness! Yeah!

I'm feeling ambitious enought to start setting some goals. My plan for next week is to work 5 eight hour days in a row. I will not have done that since November 2007, but I think I might be able to! Have I mentioned I have the greatest bosses in the world?? The Headache is talking to me this evening, but I think I have it under control.

Went on another Sunday walk - a longer one this time. I took pictures of the native wildflowers (or weeds if you prefer) I found on my walk. Thanks to the Missouri Wildflower website for helping me identify the correct names for the ones I didn't already know!


Queen Anne's Lace

Daisy Fleabane

Red Clover


Hairy Wild Petunia


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  2. Thank you Hua, I will give that a try!!