Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Infested by Meerkats

Their Burrows Run Deep

I envision I am invaded by meerkats, incessantly digging their burrows through the left side of my brain. At night they crowd into their hidey holes and wake up at three AM to go to the bathroom, which is why The Headache chooses that time to wake up too. (I am just guessing that meerkats have small bladders.) The reason The Headache pain get worse in leaps and bounds during the day is because the meerkats get alarmed very easily and hop back in their burrows and are pesky and get in meerkat fights. I see the occipital stimulator as an electric fence for the meerkats, keeping them in their proper space and stopping them from digging more holes!

Can you tell it's been one of those days, one of those nights, where I can't think, I can't do, I can't go to sleep, and I don't want to be awake. Getting goofy here, but maybe having a meerkat haven for a head is a good way to visualize The Headache. Maybe I can invent a jackal to stick its head in the holes and and have it scare the meerkats away to someone else's head. That's how my doggie Augie scares the moles out of my yard!

Cutting back on my work hours this week until after I go to the Cleveland yet once more this month. I may try and increase my hours next week to 40 again. I just did 4 1/2 hours of work today, and got some productive time in, and fixed an old problem for a client. I may have to extend my short term disability one more month if The Headache doesn't behave itself. The Headache is somewhat better today but that has me dreading Thursday when I will be traveling back from Cleveland because the pain will probably be building up by then.

Cleveland is an OK place, but I'm getting tired of traveling there. I will have been there three times in the last thirty days. Hope the next time is a couple of months into the future so I have a little time to catch up financially.

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