Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Productive Day

Working my way Back to Eight Hours

A good day at work, got several goals accomplished. Almost feel like my old self again. Didn't work eight hours, but worked more than yesterday. I want to be up to eight hours daily by the end of this month.

The incisions are healing and itching from the occipital stimulator surgery. The hives are still there from the allergic reaction and itching. I wasn't supposed to change the dressings but I did anyway - I couldn't stand the old icky things hanging on me. I wasn't supposed to wash my hair but I figured a way to do it - thank God for Glad Press'n Seal Wrap! I wrapped my neck dressing with Press'n Seal and then very carefully washed my hair. I was glad the Glad Wrap did the job!

I feel like a bear - I need a tree that I can put my back against and itch. I find myself looking at things like corners of doors, and thinking I could itch my back on that! Hoping much of the itchiness will be gone when the stitches are out. And yes, they are stitches, not staples. Nicely and neatly tied stitches!

Can't wait to take a shower. I feel grungy. Ready for the stitches to be OUT. Grrrrrrrrrrr.