Monday, July 6, 2009

I have a Power-Head

Can I get a Red Flashing Fresnel Top Too?

Work day today. Didn't last an entire day, but got a lot accomplished. I feel energized - can't tell if its my energizer bunny battery unit or just starting to get over the operation.

Had an appointment this AM with my colorectal specialist. Some great surprise news NOT! Same list I have gone over with other specialists. Nerve damage - check, anal sphincter non functional from radiation fibrosis - check, reduced muscle control from fibrosis and nerve damage - check, overall - no way to fix anything - check. He suggested to preserve what little nerve functionality I have to take biofeedback classes specifically for my pudendal nerve functions. This would be a several week committment from one to two times per week to once every two weeks. I will have to think on this - I am not sure if there is a benefit to it and it means having some type of sensor in sensitive areas..reminds me of the South Park episode when Cartman got an anal probe . I don't want to be used as bait for the visitors...or be under alien control. :)

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