Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tomato Noodle Goodness

A Fine Day

I was able to work today! Not only did I work 5 hours but I had the brain power to solve several problems for customers. The Headache is down to its usual good day growl, and I'm not eating much so The Belly is feeling better too!

I felt well enough tonight to cook some tomato noodles for my mother and myself. My sister gave me the best Christmas present last Christmas - a year's supply of HOME MADE NOODLES! She makes the best home made noodles in the world (well except maybe my Aunt Nadine's). Instead of beef & noodles tonight I made tomato noodles which agree with The Belly better. Happiness in a pan. The picture probably looks yucky and maybe only my family would eat this but it topped off a happy day. I wish I had more days like today.

Of course, its my first day back at work after the trip to Cleveland. I guess one person was expecting me to come back with wires in my head. It was fatiguing to explain the same thing over and over and over. No, I didn't have a procedure. Yes, it was just to determine if I could have the procedure. No, I don't know anything yet. Yes I may have to take more time off work. They didn't mean to be tiring - its just that I have such a small store of energy it takes a lot to be "up" when working.

Bless their hearts they try to identify, but there is no way for them to know how much pain I can get in from The Headache. I pray I can maintain my dignity and not have them ever see how bad it can get - it's bad enough relatives have had to see it. It's bad enough I have to experience it, and I sometimes have to inflict it on strangers in ERs and urgent cares. I prefer my friends and co-workers to see me in control. It's one of the last illusions I have!


  1. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about tomatoes and noodles.. what is wrong with me? So how do you make them again? Please email me your recipe. You and grandma make the BEST tomato and noodles ever, and ever since Ry found out he was diabetic and takes meds and stuff, he can eat tomatoes.. weird, but I guess maybe the sugars were just too much? Anyway, he could have a little and I could have a LOT!! I know how it is when people try to relate. They mean the best, but seriously, this person's wife's relatively minor bulging disc that her body absorbed is really nothing like my backbone of hate. I told Ry that the next time someone said, hey shelly, is your back hurting today? that I was going to shank them, or shiv them, whichever I preferred. I'm thinking of getting the Dremel tool out and shaving down the handle of a spoon just for that purpose!!

  2. Tomato Noodles (Grandma Style)

    1 Can tomato Juice
    2 cups or so homemade or frozen noodles
    1/4 cup 1/2 cup sugar (for splenda it should be much less)
    4 Tablespoons butter or margerine
    tsp salt
    touch pepper if desired at end.

    Boil the tomato juice
    stir in the sugar (or splenda) and salt and melt the butter/margerine in the juice
    Once the butter/margerine is melted, then add the noodles. The juice should taste slightly sweet!
    cook until the noodles are done - the juice should be thickened by the noodles - if not homemade you may need to add a touch of corn starch or flour to thicken.
    Put a touch of pepper on the finished product.

  3. I know people feel like they are relating, but unremitting unstoppable at times excruciating pain just seems to be a private thing that can't (thank heavens for those who don't have it) be shared. The pain clinic seemed to understand when I told them that I didn't know what to do when the heavy duty pain killers can't kill the pain! I've tried to tough it out, but The Headache is tougher than I am!!

  4. thanks for the recipe.. and I bought the pan at walmart this january. It's really nice because it's non stick, and big enough for a good stew, but can also be used to fry!

  5. Sorry on the recipe I meant 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup sugar sweetness to taste (less if using Splenda)