Saturday, February 21, 2009

Indomethacin Free??

Try Try Again!

I tried yesterday to quit the indomethacin. Not a great idea, The Headache came back, but in altered glory, and I ended up taking indomethacin again in the evening. The pain is still different.

It's bizarre. I was dreaming that night of a green glow around the back left side of my head where the pain seems to begin and a grinding noise like sand underfoot. Maybe I just biofedback myself into being better?? I have constant pain, but it is indescribably different. It's like someone picked my head up and put it on my spine in a different manner. Some of the neck and shoulder pain is less also. I think contemplating the stimulator surgery has scared the bejeezus out of my headache. Good, at least something does!

I am going to try again today to go off the indomethacin. It's noon now, and I haven't had any since last night. I'm about at a level 4 or 5 on my personal pain scale but it doesn't have that "scaling up" feeling. I'll see how long I can go without any medication. God is Good and hope is not dead. I'm gonna try to do some housework - physical activity has been a significant trigger for me - hopefully that will be different too!

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