Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Week - Sigh

Nothing is Set in Stone

Well, the Cleveland Clinic appointment has been delayed another week, because the study committee didn't meet this week to discuss my psychological profile. So I am still in limbo - have now moved my airline reservations to the 19th of March. I will be very disappointed if I did not pass the psych exam.

Haven't blogged for the last few days because my pitiful pancreas has been throwing a fit. Was just able to work a few hours the last few days between The Headache and The Belly. Had to do more blood tests because of The Belly. I just called my GI doctor to ask if I should take maybe more pancreatic enzymes with my meals, and we started down the pancreas party trail, with more blood tests and as of today still not an answer to what I thought was a simple question and my pancreas burning its way into my innards like a branding iron. My back is hurting like it did a few months ago - poooor little pancreas!!

Today we have a last gasp of winter with a nice two inch fluffy layer of snow, no ice! I worry about the poor robins who have been sporting around the yard the last week.

Another strange dream last night - I had a library in my bedroom, and there was a parade with floats and everything staging just outside my bedroom. I could see the tops of the floats through my bedroom windows. A family was in my room, trying to find books to read and lounging on my bed watching TV (I don't have a TV in my bedroom but in my dream it was in the bookshelves of books). I was helping them find the right books, there was a teenager section, a child's section, a non-fiction section and a self-help section we looked at. The oldest person was the age of my mom, but she had black short curly hair instead of white hair, and she was the one lounging on the bed the most. I had to put on a designer pair of jeans that had a yellow sign down one leg that said "My Child went to New York State!!" - don't know where that came from. The dream ended with me hopping around trying to pull on the jeans that were exceptionally stiff because of the yellow sign.

I dreamt the night before that my cousin's little girl (she's probably 32 now but was little in the dream) got hit by lightening - a sheet not a bolt of lightening - and my cousin wasn't even concerned - she just dusted the bits of carbonized clothing off her daughter and said she would clean up just fine. We were watching out the back window of the house I grew up in at the pouring rain, and the lightening hit and when we could see again the little girl was just standing there with smoke curling off of her and there was no more rain. I kept trying to convince my cousin to call 911 but she just was whisk brooming off her daughter and insisting there was no problem.

I'm sure there is a deep meaning to these dreams somewhere but the coconut monkeys are knocking and my brain is too loose to figure it out! I think there is some correlation to the TV shows I was watching on specific days - especially the lightening one - there was a show about people getting fried by lightening because of some nano virus that night.

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