Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Headache Day #18 2009

The Reason for The Headache - Coconut Monkeys!!

Bad headache today. My hope of last week is gone. The coconut monkeys have been at my head with their coconuts all night and all day... what a turnaround - they were so helpful in my dream...

I started taking the indomethacin closer together today to try to avoid going yet again to the ER or urgent care. I have also taken quite a bit of Benedryl and phenergan, and after The Belly kicked in this evening, some trammadol. I'm having a great deal of pain in my feet and legs as if my neuropathy has decided to come knocking since The Headache and The Belly are getting all the attention. Despite all the medication, The Headache has been so ouchy that I can't sleep. Wish I could just sleep today away but it hasn't happened.

The Belly was getting pretty bad this evening, and for a while I thought I might end up in the ER after all, but it is now down to a simmer rather than a full boil. At least the coconut monkeys haven't started on that yet.

Wasn't able to go to work today. I love my job and the company I work for. As my sister said, its my dream job! My boss is sooooo nice, and so are the other owners and that makes me even feel worse because I want to do my best for them and The Headache and The Belly are conspiring against that.

I now have an appointment March 12th at The Cleveland Clinic for my initial eval for the stimulator study. It is seeming as if it might happen, but I still am not getting my hopes up. The psychological testing is not fully written up yet, and if I flunk that then its a no go. I'm pretty sure I passed it, but one never knows. The chronic pain just messes with your mind in all kind of funny and not so funny ways. I am going to try to fly out of St. Louis so I only have a four hour drive. I think the driving is why my neuropathy is bothering me, but standing at an airport gets pretty tiring for me also. There is a rail (maybe a subway) system from the Cleveland Airport to downtown, and buses that run from the rail station to the Cleveland Clinic so I can avoid renting a car. I plan to stay at the Clinic this time if I can. I don't have enought Marriott points to get another free room.

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