Monday, February 16, 2009

Good day? Bad day? Boomerangerama

At least I got to go to work!

The Headache was pounding away today, burning and piercing my brain so it was hard to think and hard to sit still. I woke up with it at 3:00 a.m., never a good sign, yet I triumphed over it, and did 5 hours of work today!

It becomes so difficult to think with my mind returning to pain each minute it increases, sorta of a boomerang effect: The Headache, I'm driving; The Headache, I'm typing; The Headache, I'm talking on the phone; The Headache, THE Headache, THE HEADACHE, try something else....

I did the pain dance with my feet under my desk, I couldn't stop myself from grabbing my head a few times and moaning, BUT I did make it through the day and back home where I could take some more benedryl and phenergan, so I'm not counting this as a bad headache day. It was a moderately bad headache day that I got through without making myself unconcious. I'm still doing the dance of pain, but not as many times an hour.

I hope I was moderately productive at work - I can't tell when The Headache is really active. I hope no one noticed my efforts to keep the pain at bay - its bad enough I feel so bad about missing work - having my fellow workers notice my pain jitters is worse. I am trying to gain control of my body and it looks like I'm losing control of it. Thank heavens they have never seen me at times The Headache wins. It just feels so undignified.

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