Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad Headache Day #11 & 12 2009

On The Road to Cleveland

Yesterday is mostly a "lost" day. The Headache roared back, but I was able to make myself sleep through most of it. Subsequently I don't remember most of yesterday, and today The Headache is still making itself known. I look at this as a good prospect for my journey which I will try to do starting in the early AM tomorrow morning. Thirteen hours of driving - but I will probably be up at 2:00 AM anyway because The Headache will INSIST.

I found a lovely picture of Cleveland on the internet and am using it to illustrate why I probably won't be blogging for a few days (unless I have the patience to blog in the lobby of the hotel at the communal PC). Luckily I had enought Marriott points to get a couple of nights free just outside Cleveland proper. Yeah, traveling too much does have an advantage! That's about $400 in hotel room cost I am saving.

My initial enthusiasm for going has waned because last Friday was a reminder of how bad this headache can get. I fear being caught somewhere without any means to get to an ER or Urgent Care AND get back. Have had this issue before - if you drive yourself your options are extremely limited for pain relief. Hopefully with yesterday and today being my "bad" days for the week - I am OK until Saturday/Sunday.

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