Sunday, February 1, 2009

Going to Wal-Martez

Dogs and Cats are Hungry

My animals are out of their "soft" food, so to the Wal-Mart Supercenter I go! This is the only location (not any of my grocery stores I go to have them) where I can buy Dingo brand dog bones for Augie. He gets one a night, and crys if I don't have them. He doesn't necessarily eat them - he just likes to hide them in new places.

Yesterday it was wet (he hates the wet more than the cold) and I had to watch him because he becomes his alter ego Augister Von Hidenpooper, and tries to hide to poop in the house. Yuck! But he knew I was on to his tricks and reluctantly trundled his butt outdoors to make the questionmark tail. Wilsy and Bingo are just fine with the weather but Augie doesn't like to get his feet wet!

The Belly has ruled the last couple of days since The Headache was getting all the attention. It's a lot easier to appease than The Headache! I know that the toradol injections are just as bad for The Belly as the indomethacin, but I don't know what else to do. A lady who has the same headache condition recommended trying to change my sleep habits (sleep sitting up, or on my left side and get up at the same time, no naps) and lower the carbs. I will give it a go!

Today I am better - I feel like braving the crowds at local supercenter to hear Buenos Dias Wal-martez customers! Yeah! Wal-Mart abundance awaits!

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