Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three O'lClock in the Morning

Oh Well, Here I am again!

It's about 3 AM and I'm up with my head packed in heating pads. Gosh Dang the Ding Dong Ploinkity Plarn Kachoing. My eyesight is wacky and I can't find my glasses - guess you have to see the confounded things to find them. Double vision city, thanks to the almost 50 year old eyes.

I sure hope I'm typing this up OK because it's a little blurry (well maybe a lot blurry) for me without the peepers getting assistance from the glasses.

My faithful cat Wilson is here keeping me company. She is getting older (she is 19 years old this year) and gets lost between rooms. So i go into the kitchen and she meows because she's lost and I call her and she finds me, I go to the living room, she meows because she's lost and I call her and she finds me, ad infinitum. I hope when I am as old in people years as she is in cat years I will have someone to help me find my way from room to room.

I wish I had a crew of coconut monkeys to help me out here, but no such luck in the non-dreaming world. My mother and I had our weekly Monday night viewing of the Antique Roadshow, and a pleasant time was had by all. It is a ritual that is only spoiled by the fund raising weeks when "specials" replace the beloved Roadshow. If only my W.D. Purrucker paintings were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! And I only paid Three Dollars for them! Sigh....I would find out that they weren't worth Three Dollars (which I suspect is true) with my luck.

Wilsy is complaining because the lights are on and I'm up and she thinks its morning again already and she wants her can of food. She wants to jump up on mylap because I am covered up in a nice red fleece blanket that she really likes. It isn't my attention she craves but the fluffy softness of the blanket. She is getting louder because I am ignoring her, and now she is trooping across my computer desk so I have to pick her up. She tries to snag my blanket and take it with her, but no way! She needs to go rest in her cushy afghan that is on the couch and leave me and my blanket alone. Since putting her down she is sitting with her back to me as if I no longer exist. Cats!

I may try taking some good old phenergan and Benedryl in a few minutes to put my head to sleep. Sometimes it works sometimes it don't. I have a big wood relief of the word RELAX on my desk. I will meditate on that, and see if my expensive biofeedback training can assist.

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