Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taking Indomethacin Again

Coconut Monkey???!

I was able to go 24 hours without Indomethacin and without The Headache escalating into a tornado of pain. There was a steady dribble of increased pain during this 24 hour period, so if I had waited another day, I might have been in trouble. I started out at a 4 and ended up at about a 7 in a day. The Belly is grateful for the vacation.

I was starting to get the pain jitters - where you just can't keep your arms and legs still. I am getting so used to The Headache, that I have to clue in on other signs to tell if The Headache is trying to attack.
I took 50mg of Indomethacin about 30 minutes ago and can feel the cooling relief where it is destroying the burning ouchiness that is The Headache. I am extremely tired for no real reason. I think The Headache has been hurting more than I want to admit.

I had another weird dream last night. We were living in a coconut jungle with coconut monkeys and had concocted some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption using bamboo, vines and rolling coconuts to wake us up in the morning. The monkeys had constructed it for me, but had shorted us on vine material so some of the bamboo sections weren't dropping in correct sequence. We were trying to "unstring" the thing, and it was becoming a big mess, and the monkeys were very irritated because we were changing their setup. Everything was kind of that dried out brown color of dead vegetation (or mature bamboo) except for the luxurious brown fur of the coconut monkeys and thier shaggy brown coconuts. The dream ended when I was down on the coconut jungle floor surrounded by coconut monkeys conducting a meeting on how to correctly fix the coconut contraption. Not sure what a coconut monkey is but they looked like a cross between a lemur and a chimpanzee, and were quite bright. The coconut jungle was quite dry, not a tropical rainforest at all, but the coconut monkeys felt quite at home.

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