Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At Work...Yeah!!!!!

Joyfulness of work

I was able to work again today. Yeah!!! Another five and a half hours in! The bosses prepay us for Thursday and Friday based on work estimates and then we can adjust it the next payperiod if needed - this works great because 99% of us are salaried. However, my work schedule has been soooo bad the last two months, I didn't even try to estimate any time. I'll just take the hit on this paycheck, and if I work any time in the next couple of days, just add it to the next.

The Headache didn't want to be at work, but I made it go. The Headache tried to interfere all day long. I am trying the "just ignore it" method that my cat uses when you try to show her a mouse. If I put my back to it, it just doesn't exist in my universe. It doesn't work so well today, but I'm just not good at it yet, I need practice. I'm sure The Headache will cooperate and give me many more chances.

The Belly was better today, probably because I let it dominate my day yesterday. Not eating or drinking much works pretty well for The Belly. I gave it some vegetables today. Hoping for a good night's sleep!

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