Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bad Headache Days 14 & 15 2009

Yesterday's Gone, Tonight The Wind Blows

I don't remember much about yesterday. The Headache started in the middle of the night and after calling in the AM couldn't get into my regular doc. I let the hours tick by waiting for a callback to see if they could work me in, until it was too late and I had to head to the ER.

I went to the closest one, and sure enough there are no patients there until after I show up. Some poor lady who had had two strokes and now had pnuemonia, and an old guy from a car accident come cruising in. Instead of just getting a shot and getting out of there, I wait and wait and wait in an ER enclosure for them to give me the $@#% toradol injection and get out.

Well, the wait was too long so they give me the toradol and it doesn't do anything, they then add phenergan and something called NuBain to it. Well, the NuBain makes me woozier than heck, and knocks all knowledge of pain out of my body EXCEPT for my head! The Headache just gets worse because time has marched on again. My BP lowers, but not very much. Then they say well, we will try some dilaudid....My BP lowers again, but not very much, but the dilaudid did take my headache back a few notches. Success!

I wooze my way out of the ER, vomit all the way home (my poor brother again driving) and wooze my way to the couch. I sleep off and on, getting up only to have the dry heaves. By late evening I am sure I can hold some liquids and some crackers, but no go - to the bathroom I wooze again to toss it up. At about 2:00 AM I was able to hold some water down and my medication, and sleep. I don't think I will be adding NuBain to my list of successful medications. The Belly didn't like it, and it didn't help The Headache at all.

Today, rain and wind and tornados to the west of us has made this a gloomy day and gloomier night. I have slept through most of it, but The Headache is on ice this evening. I feel worn out and tired, and The Headache is trying to make the most of it! The Belly still is not feeling well, but I have drank some lemonade today and kept it down so I'm good.

The wind is whistling around the house and down the chimney and drippy icky rain is coming down in sheets. Tornado watch until midnight, but the local forecasters say the danger will be there until 2:00 AM. I will go to bed soon since the tornado watch is over although the rain and thunder continue. I hope to go to work tomorrow and hope for a better day!

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  1. I hope so too. It is these things that give hospitals the bad name they get!