Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Headache Day #17 2009

Two AM Blues

I thought I had toughed out The Headache yesterday, yet here I am at 2 AM sitting like an idiot in the dark with my head and neck wrapped in microwave heating pads. Sometimes it helps, sometimes ice helps - I never know. I've got the Popeye squint going on because of the left eye issue. Just need a pipe to "toot toot" with and say "I yam what I yam!" and maybe I need to eat a can of spinach. Blech my stomach is already riled up just thinking of spinach makes it worse! Although with tatoos so popular I would be very trendy to get a couple of anchors tapped into my forearms!

The Belly is turning flip flops not in a nice way. I am having spasms but am trying more trammadol to see if it helps. I ate meat this evening. Even with the pancreatic enzymes meat protein is very difficult for me to digest. My imagination has my pancreas humping around my innards like an inchworm on a tree.

I'm typing now in the dark just to distract myself. I'm having trouble tolerating glasses on my face, so some of this is done middle aged blind, so forgive any spelling errors.

I was having such a good evening too, since the highlight of our week is the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. I don't know why we find it so absorbing, perhaps it is a lifetime of collecting various types of things, or perhaps the vicarious sharing of others' joy at finding how valuable their bargains or inherited items are, or maybe its the historical aspect. We used to watch the British version also - it is amazing how much older the antiques are on the British version, reminds me that as a country the United States is pretty young.

I may go soon and try to sleep sitting up. Another headache veteran suggested this, and it has helped a couple of times. The Headache itself is too intrusive to sleep at the moment.

I have started following several blogs where the bloggers are keeping photo blogs. They are from all different areas and countries. It saves me from feeling so confined - I get to see what they think is viewable. Very interesting viewpoints sometimes indeed. My favorite this week was a picture of heart shaped salami cold cuts for Valentines day.

I had another vivid dream the other night, this time about a boy I graduated with. We were at a Mall, and he had hurt his back and one leg (the right side where I am weaker) in a football game. My cat tried to lick his hand to make it better. Why was my cat with me at the mall? Not the slightest notion. Everyone was going to the big game by jumping in huge circular inflatable rafts like they use to ride the rapids in the Grand Canyon, and going "Wheeeee" as they turned and road a giant white waterslide (this was as wide as the inside of the mall and very hilly going downstream) out of the Mall. The guy wanted to go sliding also, but I was afraid he would be bent all out of shape because of his broken bones - kinda like Gumby. But those rafts sure looked like fun. Then I woke up. Maybe I was remembering sled riding, as my brother in Iowa and I were talking about it the other day and how his middle aged bones weren't made to be flexible anymore.

Popeye ME

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