Friday, January 30, 2009

Bad Headache Day #10 2009

Again to the Emergency Room

Tried hard today to manage The Headache, but it bested me at about noon. I had taken all the Benadryl and phenergan that I thought was safe, and The Headache was not backing down. It is never a good sign when I can't sleep in the middle of the night due to The Headache.

My brother Phil was kind enough to take me to the Emergency Room in Springfield. I tried to just get by with a shot of Toradol, but The Headache wasn't in the mood to cooperate. I then was given IV Fentanyl, and it backed off The Headache just a hair, and seemed to make it quit surging forward.

I'm back home, The Headache is still going strong, but I'm hoping that it will stay at this level for the rest of the night. I'm not sure how strong Fentanyl is, but the pain relief didn't really last very long. It's better than no pain relief at all that's for sure! I'm praying really hard that the Toradol isn't becoming less effective. It's been my lifeline for the last 12 months.

There were a slew of banged up folks at the ER. Apparently the ice storm is taking its toll in bruises and broken bones. Not a good time to be walking on ice if you don't have Yak Traks to put on your shoes!

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