Friday, January 2, 2009

Caught Napping

Headache Day 1 2009

Today was "headache day" - I have bad days every three to four days from a headache condition called hemicrania continua. I came home early and took some benedryl and phenergan to help stomp down the headache. I was trying to nap the rest of the day away, socked out on the couch with my pup Augie keeping watch, when what happens but the phone rings!

How is it that everytime I try to catch some winks in the daytime, the telephone rings??? I'm not too grumpy because it was a call from a friend, but the headache proceeds on unabated by anything....

The Headache (I think of it always in capitalized letters) has ruled my life for a little over a year now, and the only medication that works for it is adversely effecting The Belly. When your warranty is out, and no extended warranty is available - your parts start failing in bunches....

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