Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Sleepless Night Another Busy Day

Augie Tries Mom's Patience

Augie my little dachsund was on the warpath today because there were some visiting friend dogs visiting my brother's little beagle. Augster's sharp barking was getting on Mom's nerves so she let him out to investigate and/or play with the other dogs. THEN she tried to call him back, and he ignored her. I went and just said "Augie time to come home!" and here he trots in. Maybe Mom just doesn't have the sound of authority I do :D

The Stomach and The Pancreas has ruled this week, but maybe there will be some good news tomorrow. A friend, Amber Lietz, who is a nurse, recommended a drug called Zofran for the nausea. I will call my GI doc tomorrow and see if I can get it prescribed! I'm getting a bit dehydrated, and that always gives me quite a problem with charley-horses. Just one more thing to hurt and keep me from getting any sleep. I haven't eaten very much today - hopefully that will prevent the nightly nausea marathon.

I had another busy day at work, but The Stomach was creating much havoc because I tried to eat some food yesterday. Tramadol helped, but didn't get rid of all the pain. Maybe the enzymes will kick in and The Belly will Behave!

It was so sweet of Amber to suggest a solution to the yucky belly problems. I remember Amber when she was just a little gal in high school. Mom helped her make the cutest prom dress, and a beautiful wedding dress. Now Amber has beautiful children of her own looking all grown up and it doesn't seem possible. To us, it just seems like yesterday she was a teenager! I stole her picture off Facebook - and she doesn't look a day older to me from the last time I saw her.

It's a good thing when you can get advice from a pro, especially when your parts are so old they can't be replaced anymore, and your warranty is expired! Thanks Amber!

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