Sunday, January 4, 2009

Company At the Homestead

Tired Old Ladies

We were visted yesterday and today by a hoard of great-nephews and a niece and an ex-sister-in-law who is now my first cousin (don't ask it's too confusing to explain!). The boys flowed through the house like a river of fish, taking different streams everytime they went from the front door to the back!!!

Their grandpa (my brother) took them to a movie today, and one stayed behind and played Playstation games all the while the rest were gone. They were all good boys and hopefully had a really good last weekend for their vacation. For all of them, school starts tomorrow! I found a picture of one of them - Trenton - but they all four were equally cute!

I didn't have to cook for them, as we had pizza yesterday and grandpa brought sandwich fixin's today. Thank goodness, because great-grandma and I are tired old ladies and keeping up with all the comings and goings was plenty enough for us. I can see why child-rearing is for the young and spry! Their momma/aunt and grandma kept pretty good track of them - it's just that we aren't used to all that quick movement!!

Note to self on the pizza: Don't think the pancreas likes pizza yet - remember not to try to eat any for a few weeks! Another broken part, another piece with no extended warranty!


  1. Sounds like fun, but also sounds exhausting!

  2. For old ladies like Mom and myself it was, I don't think the great-nephews had a tired bone in their bodies!!!