Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Productive Day

Yeah! I did something beside snooze today!!

Went to work for a five hour day - got quite a bit of work completed. I'm getting faster lately - maybe it's a good sign for The Headache. Haven't been blogging since The Headache and The Belly ganged up on me last Friday. I was in snooze city for a few days recovering....

Found this picture on Flickr that looks like I feel most days, just wish my hair was as silky and smooth!

Tomorrow I am off to KC to a specialist for The Headache. First my insurance wasn't going to cover them because some VP of Marketing (synonymous with Dumb Ass at that company I guess) decided it would be so and sent a letter saying so. Not wanting to take No for an answer (they had paid the prior 2 bills) I asked for case management to see if I could be case managed because I have soooo many things wrong with me. They said they would have to take it into advisement, I told them they had sent me four letters asking me to be case managed, now that they might have to kick out some money were they against it? I finally got a reply last week (the insurance company had my home phone number wrong in their database, even tho I had tried to correct them the prior week when they gave the number to me so they wrote me a letter). I called them up, yep they would case manage me, but then I got a call back from case managment saying I had a SUITCASE on my card and I was covered. I wasn't sure if Dumb Ass the VP was right and it didn't matter I had a SUITCASE or the case manager was correct and it did matter. My money was on the case manager. I called today and AGAIN reverified my coverage. First I was told I was not covered, then I was told I was covered out of network, THEN I was told I had a SUITCASE on my card and I was covered in network. Your guess is as good as mine: if this claim gets paid it will be a miracle, since I have a SUITCASE on my card it's gonna be hard to put it in my purse - I don't think it will fit!

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