Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad Night Busy Day

Puking Again!

No sleep last night - very nauseous even after taking phenergan. Vomited until I couldn't vomit any more.... So many things are wrong with me, I can't even tell what the cause was. I get so shaky after these episodes. My mother, bless her aged heart, heard me in the wee hours of the morning and brought me a chair to sit in, because I was too shaky to walk.

I was taking the enzymes at full dosage, so today I cut the dosage in half. The nausea could have been from The Headache since The Headache really woke up half way through the yucky stuff, so every dry heave was another notch up on The Headache pain scale.

I was able to go to work for 5 hours today. I had a billable project to finish, and wanted to get that out of the way. Luckily The Headache calmed itself down in the afternoon, and I was able to be a little more productive. I even got an attaboy_girl from the boss man!

My sister and her husband came over this evening. My sister has been fighting the Battle of the Bad Computer Restore Disks. She had purchased some software at Wal-Mart that seemed to have a virus embedded in it, and then got very poor advice from a tech line she called. She needed to use my connection since her PC isn't up an running yet. Hopefully maybe tomorrow.

We had chicken burrito's and my brother-in-law really enjoyed eating them! He has some serious health issues, and I made low fat burritos especially for him. My sis is a full time caregiver for him, and I was pleased that tonight she got to eat something she didn't have to cook! Of course, my own cooking skills are negligible, so the components of this were easy to buy and assemble...and I have discovered no fat sour cream! Even The Belly approved, although I couldn't eat very much.

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