Monday, January 19, 2009

Bad Headache Day #6 2009

The Headache Wins Today

Bad day all around - woke up with pain got worse - couldn't get warm - just shivering and couldn't sit still for The Headache makes me jittery. Different than migraines where I want to be as still as possible - the pain just makes me want to move.

Thank god, got right in at Dr. D's office, got injection of 60mg Toradol, 25 mg Phenergan, and 50 mg Benedryl - my usual cocktail for The Headache. Slept most of the day. Dr. D said I'm becoming disabled from the pain, and I agree. He did say the Cleveland Clinic is an excellent healthcare institution, and I should get my doc in Kansas City to get moving on the referral.

The Headache is wearing me down - I feel my pain threshold becoming lower and lower, or else The Headache is worsening. I think it is the threshold, I am also developing anxiety about going into the extreme levels of pain with The Headache. I would do almost anything to keep from going to 9 or 10 on my personal pain scale, yet when The Headache decides to go there I can't stop it.

The Emily pain scale (it is somewhat like the Richter Scale for earthquakes or the Fujita scale for tornados so the intervals get progressively worse between steps) goes like this:

Scale 0-10, with 0 pain free 10 unbearable:

0 No pain - haven't been there in a while
1 - 4 Not worth mentioning pain - 4 is generally where I dwell on my good days.
5 - 6 Better do something quick pain or I'm in trouble - photophobia nausea starts
7 - 8 Hurting pretty badly starting to get jitters will progress quickly dizziness
9 Crying, can't sit still, usually vomiting, keep repeating O God! Panic
10 Can't move, just shaking vomiting crying - extreme pain. Dilaudid only help.

The headache still here this evening - when from 8 to 6, now back to 7. Will try to sleep this evening. Hope to go to work tomorrow - we will be shorthanded. I feel like a big whiner (or is that weiner, or maybe winner - nope not winner, maybe loser) because there are people with much worse ailments out there.

I am extremely dizzy and nauseous and The Belly has been talking - the Toradol injection seems to upset it in addition to the indomethacin pills. Both my headache doc and Dr. D say that the IM injection should hurt it less, but I think The Belly was just feeling neglected today - haven't eaten anything all day...

Ahhh well, tomorrow is another day - it should be better!

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