Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Appointment next week

Well its a deep subject for such a shallow mind

I have an appointment next week at the Cleveland Clinic with the pain managment department. They may or may not decide I'm a good canidate for an occipital nerve stimulator, but I'm gonna give it a try. Maybe they can come up with some other ideas if the stimulator idea won't fly.

Now, I've got to gather medical records and of course the hospital in St. Louis tells me that my records from my stay there are in storage already. The people at KU I called just sent me to voice mail (KU is voice mail hell! you never get to really talk to anyone). I will go through the Springfield hospital and clinic for theirs - but they aren't hard to deal with - last time at St. Louis it took three months and a threatened lawsuit to get them to let loose of my records.

Money wise I will have to figure something out. Sigh - I can always drive - it is only about 13 hours from here - that would just cost a hundred dollars worth of gas - everything else is $500 or more to fly. Wish I had won the lottery so I could afford to be ill. It's a big city - I will be lucky to find a room at a reasonible rate. Sigh again......

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