Monday, January 5, 2009

Yet Another Doctor Appointment

The Belly Rules the Day

Yet another doctor appointment in the maze of doctor appointments my life has become. Whatever happened to one stop shopping for medical help? I have so many specialisits that coordinating care between the specialists and my primary care doc is a full time job.

I now have some pancreatic enzymes to take to try to fix The Belly, which got upset because The Headache likes medicine The Belly doesn't care for. I'm just waiting for The Pooper to chime in and demand its share of attention. Who would think that such an ugly looking thing as the pancreas could make The Belly hurt so much?

I told my nieces that I am going to have a Pancreas Party when I get this thing working right - the way its going it will be a couple of years.

Not a bad day, The Headache was resting today - just a sour undercurrent of headachiness waiting for another day to pass before livening up again. I was able to work a few hours. My bosses are saints, but one of these days they are going to need me full time again and I don't know how the old body will take it, and then I suppose it will be goodbye bosses hello unemployment.

One part breaks, puts stress on another in a roller coaster of medication and problems - I don't have a warranty on any of it anymore and its too late to buy the extended one!


  1. why does that pancreas look like a mummified wing wang? GROSS!!

  2. Yet you have one too, Bwahaahaahaahaa, just waiting to upset your stomach!!!!
    I personally think it looks like a booger that someone wiped on the bottom of a chair...

  3. eeeewwwww... that just brought back memories of Uncle Gene wiping boogers on the bottom of his shoes at grandpa's business... ewwww... no WAY am I naming a purse after him! Amy and I tried to remember where he walked so we wouldn't step in his booger tracks.

  4. Well, at least he didn't blow his nose in his hand.....eeeeew.